Project Description

In pre-Civil War Missouri, near St. Petersburg, the vagabond child Huckleberry Finn describes the events by which he and Tom Sawyer had discovered a fortune. Huck has been adopted by the Widow Douglas and her spinster sister Miss Watson, and his guardians, Judge Thatcher, Huck’s best friend Tom Sawyer, and practically the entire town inform Huck that he needs to learn to read and write and read the Bible if he ever hopes to go to Heaven (“Do Ya Wanna Go To Heaven?”). The only one who does not attempt to pass judgment on Huck is Miss Watson’s slave, Jim, who predicts that he will lead a life of “considerable trouble and considerable joy”. Exasperated with the constraints on his daily life, Huck escapes his bedtime and steals away to Tom Sawyer’s “hideout”, an old cave. In the cave, Tom, Huck and a group of their friends plan to form a band of robbers who will rampage around the countryside (“The Boys”).